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"Kyle’s ability to adopt to all type of audiences is astounding.   Whether it be employees or customers, Kyle's personality is contagious and he always leave audiences with a smile on their face"

David Woods, CEO of Magellan Executive Partners

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International Media from 2017 China Tour

New Album

Fear or Faith

  1. Lady Grey
  2. Fear or Faith
  3. Jealous Wind
  4. Oh I Love You So
  5. You're My Reason
  6. Come to Me
  7. Fiddle Bizet
  8. Faded Love
  9. Harvest Time
  10. Do It All Again
  11. What is Success
  12. Tennessee Waltz
  13. You're the Same as Me
  14. To Make You Feel My Love
  15. Les Feuilles Mortes
  16. The Basso
  17. Amazing Grace
  18. Blackbird