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Kyle Dillingham & Horseshoe Road at the Paramount! - 08/15/14

Oklahoma's Musical Ambassador, Kyle Dillingham, and the 2011 International Acoustic Music Award Winner, Horseshoe Road, are bringing their amazing Heartland Acoustic to the place that brought Oklahoma Roots Music to the big screen, so come enjoy a musical taste of Oklahoma past. Read more...

Kyle featured on Fox25 - 08/01/14


If you missed the incredible Fox 25 feature about Kyle's inspirational story behind his Broken Beyond Repair concept, you're in luck! Investigative reporter, Phil Cross, did such an incredible job capturing Kyle's passion for "the broken" that you have to experience it. Be inspired HERE.

Kyle's Emmy-winning Broken Beyond Repair - 08/01/14

What a great surprise! Kyle's 
Broken Beyond Repair feature video on has won an Emmy! The piece was directed, filmed and edited by staff videographer, Kyle William Roberts. "I am so thrilled that he won the award," said Kyle.

Kyle Dillingham's compelling and inspirational music and story, 
Broken Beyond Repair, lifts the spirit and strenghtens the soul and explores the question: Is anyone broken beyond repair?

Read more about this uplifting musical program HERE featured in the Emmy-winning video and article of the Oklahoman. 

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