China loves Kyle!

Posted on 03/17/2016

kyle dillingham in china performanceKyle had the great pleasure of being invited by China's Gansu Provincial Government to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of a Sister-State agreement between Oklahoma and Gansu Province with a New Year's Eve performance with the Lanzhou Symphony Orchestra. The Governor of the entire province announced his attendance the day of the concert along with five deputy Governors. "I was able to officially greet them from the stage as Oklahoma's Musical Ambassador," Kyle said.

Kyle was then taken to visit the Gansu/Oklahoma Friendship Tree that Governor George Nigh planted 30 years ago when he and his wife, Donna, were there developing the relationship. He was moved to perform an impromptu concert under the now fully mature tree. "When I told Governor Nigh about my upcoming trip to Gansu and my plan to visit his tree, he said 'grrrreat' and hoped I had a wonderful experience, which I certainly did." He also wanted me to give his regards and appreciation to everyone in Gansu for all the courtesies they gave him and Donna while they were there 30 years ago. 

As a result of this trip, Kyle plans to go back to China in July with composer, Callen Clarke, to immerse themselves in the Gansu Folk Music and help them develop new arrangements for a performance tour that Kyle will be embarking on during China's Silk Road International Festival this September in Xi'an. "I'm so honored to be a part of strenghtening the relationship between our great state and the wonderful people of China," said Kyle.