Kyle Dillingham's inspirational new CD now available!

Posted on 04/28/2015

It's been much-anticipated! Kyle's new CD, Broken Beyond Repair, is now available for download on iTunes and

Also available at these local retailers:

Route 66 | 50 Penn Place, 1900 NW Expwy | OKC
Inter-City Violin Studio | 1414 NW 30th St |OKC

Inspired by a visit to an orphanage in Togo, West Africa, Dillingham likens a broken violin to a broken person. "Even though we're 'broken', we still have a beautiful song to be heard," Dillingham said. From a box of broken violins, some are literally broken in half, he takes each one and musically tells its unique story. "It speaks to everyone who feels broken in this world and needing some uplifting inspiration about God's love," said Dillingham.

The album has been recorded exclusively using violins which are considered to be "Broken Beyond Repair"; that is to say that the repair cost is greater than the replacement value of these instruments. They are fragile and volatile, they can't be properly tuned and they will never emulate the sound production of a pristine concert violin; however, it is important to also note that the most prized and perfected violin cannot create the sounds produced by these broken instruments.

In this broken world, we are surrounded by brokenness of all kinds: hunger and disease, poverty and abuse, orphans and widows, suffering and loss, those struggling with addiction and those without access to clean water.

"As you listen to this album, think about the brokenness in your own life and the brokenness in the lives around you, recognize the unique beauty and value that is in each one of us created in God's image and realize that we can all come to God just as we are and be used for His glory, said Dillingham.

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For more information: [email protected] or 405-808.8804.